October 26-27, 2015. Professor Ninomiya’s visit is part of the collaboration¬† between the International Program in Agricultural Development Studies, IPADS¬† of the University of Tokyo and ZEF.

IPADS offers interdisciplinary Master’s and PhD programs on agricultural and environmental issues in developing countries. During his stay at ZEF, Professor Ninomiya gave two lectures in ZEF’s Doctoral Studies Program which were partly video-transmitted to IPADS students in Japan.

The first lecture was on “The use of information and communication technologies to improve farmers’ livelihoods” and the second lecture dealt with “Crop image analysis”. In May this year, ¬†Manfred Denich, ZEF senior researcher, also taught at IPADS (see news) as part of the collaboration effort.


Picture: From left to right: Manfred Denich, Seishi Ninomiya, ZEF-director Christian Borgemeister.