Dr. Manfred Denich explaining the alternatives to slash and burn agriculture in the Eastern Amazon region of Brazil

September 11-21, 2016. Dr. Manfred Denich, ZEF senior researcher, was invited by the International Program in Agricultural Development Studies (IPADS) to give lectures in the IPADS Introductory Course for master and PhD students on September 11-21, 2016. The lectures covered inter- and transdisciplinary development research, traditional and modern agroforestry systems (from research to implementation) as well as reflections on scientific collaboration between the Global North and South.

Dr. Kensuke Okada, Professor and IPADS Director commented: “The lectures he gave were very relevant for the new students. They gave them some insight into the reality and possibilities of science in developing regions. Dr. Denich talked enthusiastically about his wide experiences in Africa and South America, and the students were enjoying the discussions.”

Dr. Denich said: “I enjoyed teaching these young people from different parts of the world. Working with them was very inspiring as all of them contributed  actively to the discussions. In this way they shared their knowledge and experience also with each other. In addition, the IPADS program and ZEF’s doctoral studies program are partly complementary, even synergetic. So, I am looking forward to a continuing fruitful further collaboration between IPADS and ZEF.”

Dr. Denich’s lectures took place under the IPADS-ZEF joint coursework initiative, a ZEF-IPADS strategic partnership in research and education established under a collaborative agreement signed on December 2015 between ZEF and IPADS, followed by two Memoranda of Understanding on University and Faculty level. The partnership includes exchange of staff and students as well as joint lectures. Joint research initiatives are in the planning.


IPADS students together with Dr. Manfred Denich and Professor Kensuke Okada