comp_Denich-Okada_DSC00356The International Program in Agricultural Development Studies (IPADS) of the University of Tokyo and the Center for Development Research are embarking on a strategic partnership in research and education as well as of exchange of students and staff.

Prior to the signing of an official agreement, envisaged for September 2015, on academic have been exchanging both institutes exchange staff and lecturers.

As part of the ongoing preparation for this partnership, ZEF senior researcher Manfred Denich, a renowned scientist specialized in agricultural and biomass production in Latin America, gave a special lecture to IPADS students on May 27.

His lecture included topics such as: sustainable agricultural and biomass production in Latin America; carbon comp_Denich-Tange_1669 Kopiedynamics under agro-forestry; optimal rotational system between agricultural and biomass production; how ZEF has improved farmers’ income through agricultural development projects and how to make project work publishable.