October 2016. The partnership between IPADS and ZEF is moving forward. During their stay at ZEF, Professor Kobayashi and Professor Ninomiya gave two lectures in ZEF’s Doctoral Studies Program which were partly video-transmitted to IPADS students in Japan.

Prof Kobayashi explaining the Japanese specialty he contributed to ZEF’s International Dinner

On October 13, Professor Kazuhiko Kobayashi gave courses on the effects of climate change on agricultural production and farmers’ adaptation strategies and a lecture to a broader public on Dietary transition and its impacts. Furthermore, Professor Kobayashi participated at ZEF’s International Dinner and students were able to deepen their discussions with him.


Pro Ninomiya @ZEFOn October 24-25, Professor Seishi Ninomiya gave a lecture on “The use of information and communication technologies to improve farmers’ livelihoods” and enriched ZEF’s Colloquium with insights about “High-throughput Phenotyping – Key technologies to accelarate crop breeding”.